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Leading Your Kingdom

The business-building leadership framework that took a parking lot attendant to the top position at the most famous theme park in the world. 

What you'll get:

  • Self-Mastery - The three keys you must master in order to reach your full potential as a leader and advance your career.
  • The KPI Key - Why KPIs will only make marginal improvements without creating this environment.
  • The Comparison Sand-Trap -  The truth about your professional progress and how it compares to your peers.
  • Mental Toughness - The Navy Seal "secret" that makes them capable of feats that seem superhuman (and how you can harness this same power).
  • Delegation Stagnation - The real reason delegating is difficult (and an easy way to make it work fast).
  • Strength Through Flaws - Why great leaders embrace imperfection, and end up creating better, more perfect results.
  • Making Hard Decisions Easy - The highly effective 70+ year old decision-system that most leaders seldom use.
  • Values-Based Decisions - How to know your values, and use them as the filter for all your best moves

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